Our Foreclosure team handles a wide range of residential and commercial property foreclosure transactions on behalf of lenders and borrowers. Providing timely, professional, and effective resolution to foreclosure issues is paramount. We have a results driven approach to mortgage enforcement in an efficient manner for our lender clients, and we consistently seek legal solutions which minimize adverse effects on credit ratings for individual borrower clients. Our strategies always include assessing client long term goals and objectives in order to advise them in the most appropriate manner.

Our services include:

  • Mortgage Financing Enforcement
  • Foreclosure Dispute Resolution
  • Affidavit Preparation (for individuals wishing to self represent their foreclosure)

Helen Rees, Foreclosure Team Lawyer:

“We outline the foreclosure process for all our clients, so they understand what to expect and when. Foreclosure law is evolving quickly in the courts so its important to have up-to-date information on your rights and options.”