Whether you’ve been through the process many times before, or if you are looking at purchasing your first home, negotiating real estate transactions can be time-consuming and confusing. Let our team of professional real estate lawyers in Edmonton or Calgary make buying your next property a breeze.

As your legal representative, we make sure your real estate transactions take place efficiently and correctly. We provide clear, no-nonsense advice and guidance on the process of concluding your purchase and/or sale.

Selling Your Home

When you sell your home, we ensure you receive the full, accurate proceeds of the sale; make sure any outstanding debts, taxes, and fees are paid; and transfer the proceeds of the sale to you quickly.

Purchasing a Home

When you buy a house, we verify the property title is clear of previous mortgages, caveats and liens and is properly transferred to the Buyer. We also make sure the buildings and structures are located in accordance with bylaws and local zoning requirements.

Our other real estate services include:

  • New Home Construction and Financing
  • Residential Purchase, Sales, and Financing
  • Commercial & Agricultural Property Purchase, Sales and Financing
  • Residential & Commercial Leasing, Landlord and Tenant Matters
  • Developer and Builder Representation
    • Builders Liens
    • Land Development and Subdivision
    • Condominium Setup and Organization
    • Conveyancing
  • Real Estate Disputes (i.e. Litigation, Foreclosures)


Our foreclosure team handles a wide range of residential and commercial property foreclosure transactions on behalf of lenders and borrowers. We have a results-driven approach to mortgage enforcement in an efficient manner for our lender clients, and we consistently seek legal solutions which minimize adverse effects on credit ratings for individual borrower clients. Our strategies always include assessing client long term goals and objectives in order to advise them in the most appropriate manner.

Our foreclosure services include:

  • Mortgage Financing Enforcement
  • Foreclosure Dispute Resolution
  • Affidavit Preparation (for individuals wishing to self represent their foreclosure)


Masuch Law LLP is proud of our reputation as one of Alberta’s leading real estate law firms. We have a proven track record for resolving challenging property transactions. Over the years, we have also become one of the largest volume offices for individual residential purchase and sale agreements, in addition to representing a number of the provinces leading builders.

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